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What to know about the MSFT stock market crash

October 19, 2021 Comments Off on What to know about the MSFT stock market crash By admin

MSFT has plunged more than $3 billion since it closed last year.

The stock has fallen more than 20% in just three months.

Here are some of the key events that happened.

July 18: The company said it would be selling the company’s mortgage division.

It also said it was exiting its insurance business.

July 19: MSFT shares dropped 7% in one day.

July 20: The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 8%, while the S&P 500 index fell 10%.

July 21: The U.S. stock market plunged more as the company announced plans to shutter its mortgage division, a move that had been expected for several months.

MSFT is one of the world’s biggest mortgage servicers.

July 22: The bank reported a $1.8 billion loss for the year.

It blamed the loss on lower mortgage originations.

MSft had about $4.5 billion in total mortgage origination revenue at the end of the third quarter.

MSF said it is closing the division as part of a reorganization that will save $400 million in costs.

July 25: MSF told investors it would continue to sell its mortgage-backed securities until October 2020.

It had planned to sell mortgage securities until 2019, but said that was too late for some investors.

July 26: The S&amps lost 1.4% as the stock fell 7.7%.

July 27: The Nasdaq fell 5.5%.

July 28: The DAX index lost 1%.

July 29: The FTSE 100 lost 4.3%.

July 30: The Shanghai Composite lost 2.8%.

July 31: The Hang Seng index lost 0.9%.