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How to Buy Stock for Stock in Oklahoma’s Oil & Gas Industry

October 7, 2021 Comments Off on How to Buy Stock for Stock in Oklahoma’s Oil & Gas Industry By admin


— When the oil fields of Oklahoma City were hit by Hurricane Harvey, oil and gas executives and investors were scrambling to find ways to survive.

With a shortage of qualified employees, they were left with only a handful of qualified engineers and managers.

Now, with a glut of new talent and more competition for scarce jobs, those who want to work in the industry are having to find more qualified candidates.

“This is a real concern in the oil and oil production community,” said Mike Deutsch, president of Deutsch & Co., a Tulsa-based consulting firm.

“If you have the right people in the right places, and you get them to go out and compete in a really competitive environment, then you’ll see companies that are going to be able to thrive and grow and thrive.”

Deutsch & Son, which has offices in Oklahoma City, has partnered with the Oklahoma Oil & gas Association to provide training for new oil and mineral professionals to ensure that they’re in the best position to help companies survive in a time of limited resources.

“The fact that we have a shortage, which is a big concern for many of the new companies, is the biggest reason why we have so many companies that need to get out and get trained,” Deutsch said.

Deutsch has spent nearly a decade working with the industry and has worked with many of these companies.

He said that he and his firm have helped dozens of oil and natural gas companies secure contracts with the federal government.

Deberts experience in the energy industry is extensive.

His company has helped hundreds of companies, from oilfield services companies to oil refineries, get qualified oilfield engineers and qualified oil and mining managers.

“We have been able to provide our clients with the resources and training they need to compete in an industry that is in a competitive climate,” Deberts partner and managing partner at Deutsch&Co., Andrew W. Laveley, said.

The company has also helped oil companies find qualified qualified employees for their positions.

“They can do a lot more than just fill out a form, and we can help them get their qualifications in,” Deiberts partner, Joe L. Hill, said of oil companies.

Deutsch says that his firm has helped more than 400 oil and minerals companies, ranging from large companies like Exxon Mobil to small, family-owned companies.

Companies like Deutsch have trained over 1,000 people in Oklahoma and in Texas, and Deutsch estimates that he has helped over 300 oil and geothermal companies and about 300 oilfield service companies.

“It’s the perfect time to come in,” Lavely said.

“We’ve seen a lot of these new companies that have come in because they have an abundance of qualified talent and are going into the business in an area that is really competitive,” Lavenley said.

“And we’re able to help them make sure that they are prepared for the environment and the economy that they will be in.

We can help companies that may not have the resources to go into a position of competitive advantage.”

Lavely estimates that his company has trained more than 1,400 employees in the Oklahoma City area.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a difference we’ve made in our companies because of that,” Lavanly said, adding that he hopes that his experience will help other companies.

Decker said that the training he and Lavellys are providing to oil companies and oil service companies is an excellent example of the importance of having the right training for the right person.

“You have to know what you’re looking for, and it has to be a skill set that’s going to help you,” Decker said.

Debertz and Laveson both said that Deutsch and Lavenleys training was one of the best that they have ever seen.

“There’s a lot that you need to know about what you need before you start,” Lavesley said, noting that Debert’s training was “really great.”

Debertz said that when the time comes for him to take his new job as president of an oil and drilling company in Oklahoma, he will take the experience that Debert has provided.

“He is the best resource in the state for oil and water,” Debert said.

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