What’s going on with the CVS stock price?

What’s going on with the CVS stock price?

September 21, 2021 Comments Off on What’s going on with the CVS stock price? By admin

The stock market is in turmoil, with shares of CVS Health Inc. down 5.5% on Tuesday, its biggest decline since mid-December, and down more than 7% from a record high of $53.60 on December 6.

Shares of the drugstore chain are also down nearly 10% from their all-time high, which was set in October.

Read moreRead moreThe CVS board has said it is working to get the stock market back to normal as the health care system remains on hold.

Shares of the company were down nearly 6% from highs reached in early November and a 5% drop from their record high.

They have been down about 5% since their record low.

CVS shares were down about 13% at $53 a share.

Shares were up nearly 10%, on track to close at $60 a share on Wednesday.

Cuts and layoffs have been an ongoing challenge for the company, and the stock is down over 40% year-to-date, according to FactSet.CVS Health stock is up nearly 5% year over year.

The company has been in a period of volatility and turmoil.

But the stock has been performing well.CVCSA stock is currently up about 4% year to date.

The stock has risen about 6% since November and has been up about 8% since December.