Watch: FourFour Two’s Tom Ford on his first day on the job as a journalist

Watch: FourFour Two’s Tom Ford on his first day on the job as a journalist

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Tom Ford has become one of the most well-known and well-liked journalists in the business.

He has been working as a sports journalist at FourFour two for a few years now, having joined the company as a freelance journalist in 2012.

FourFourtwo has grown to become one the biggest sports media brands in the world and Ford’s role at the company has taken him to the biggest games of the year in the UK and the United States.

Facing the first test of his new job as the sports editor at FourTwo, Ford sat down with FourFour’s Sports Editor Tom Ford to discuss what it’s like working for the company, what he hopes to achieve as a sportswriter and how his own life has changed since his time at FourFours.

Read the transcript below:Tom Ford: So, FourFour, welcome to FourFour.

I’m Tom Ford, the Sports Editor at Four Four Two.

Welcome to FourFOUR.

Tom Ford: Hey, thanks for having me.

Thanks for having us.

I appreciate it.

I’ll have a question.

Tom: Good afternoon, Tom.

Can you start with the question that was posed to me?

Tom Ford has been a sports editor for four years.

He joined FourFour as a freelancer in 2012, but he’s had a career as a reporter since then.

He was actually doing his master’s thesis on the sportswriting industry when FourFour first started, and he was also a reporter at the London Evening Standard at the time.

Tom Ford is one of many sports journalists who have joined FourForts new team of sports journalists.

His job at FourFive is to be the “lead sportswoman” and to take on sports-related stories.

Tom’s role with FourFive has been incredibly exciting and challenging.

He has worked alongside the likes of Jamie Oliver and the likes who are bringing sports into the mainstream.

Tom has worked on all of the big sporting events and is currently on the sidelines.

Tom is also the managing editor of FourFour and a part of the company’s editorial team.

Tom has also been an assistant editor for the magazine.

Tom was one of a group of sports editors at FourOne, and when he left FourFour he had just finished a year at Fourfour, but now he’s at FourFifth.

He said, I’d like to start by saying thank you for being with me.

Tom, Tom Ford is a very, very good sports journalist.

He’s been with FourFrees for a number of years and I’m very proud to have him on board.

Tom: Thank you.

I have one more question.

Tom also has his own book coming out next year.

Tom’s also the co-founder of the FourFour sports marketing company.

Tom says, the idea behind FourFour is to provide a platform for the sports world to grow.

The reason I joined Fourfour was to help us create a platform that would allow the world to have more access to the world’s best athletes and sports.

Tom is the man behind the FourForth and FourFaces brand.

Tom spoke to Fourfour’s Sports editor Tom Ford about the challenges of sports journalism, what it is like to work for the brand, and how he’s changed his life since he left the sportscar team.

TomFord: So what exactly do you do for FourFour?

TomFord says, I have been a sport reporter at FourThree for a couple of years now and I’ve had a lot of fun.

I’ve been doing a lot.

TomFord: I’ve done a lot as well.

I mean, I’m actually a sports reporter now.

I work as a Sports Editor.

I can be as objective as you want to be.

I just feel very comfortable with that.

I love the challenge.

I love the thrill of it, but I also think that it’s a great opportunity to be able to tell stories and I think that’s what FourFour does very well.

TomF: FourFors sports reporting is really unique.

FourFates reporting is different to what you would see at other sports media outlets.

TomF: Yeah, I mean that’s where you’ll see that you’ll hear some of the biggest stories and there’s always an element of the story that will surprise you.

Tom, it’s hard to explain to someone how hard it is to get that kind of reporting.

But that’s part of what it means to me.

Tom continues, that’s not to say that it doesn’t pay very well but I think it pays well and it pays for the amount of time I’m putting into it.

Tom continues, the whole thing is about the people that are doing the work.

Tom knows that people can get burned out.

They can get bored.

They’re going to get bored in their jobs.

Tom and I have worked together for a while.

Tom was the Sports Director of FourThree when I joined.